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Get daily free Hola Coins!

  • Stake Hola Coins and get daily rewards.


How to Stake Hola Coins?

  • Just deposit Hola Coins in your Hola coins wallet, that's all.

  • You'll receive daily rewards automatically until you withdraw or transfer your coins.


How many coins should I stake?

  • A minimum of 25 Hola Coins


How much I can earn daily?

  • Stake 25 to 99 HAC and earn 0.25 HAC/DAY

  • Stake 100 to 999 HAC and earn 0.45 HAC/DAY

  • Stake 1000 to 9999 HAC and earn 0.75 HAC/DAY

  • Stake 10000 HAC or above and earn 1.00 HAC/DAY


Is staking a lifetime opportunity?

  • No, the current staking plan is for a limited time. So Join fast and earn as much as you can.


How much is one HAC worth now?

  • Hola Coins is now trading over $3.60 per single coin (pretty affordable!) and is likely to reach $5.00 soon!


By staking, you’re also helping us to make that project become a success. Happy staking! By submitting a stake request or register, you agree to our terms of service. If you have any questions about staking services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Feel free to write us at, we love to hear from you. Best, Arya, Hola Coins

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