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How is Hola Coins different from other cryptocurrencies?

Hola Coins is not just another cryptocurrency, it's a new type of global payment ecosystem based on blockchain technology.


We made Hola Coins for you!

Crypto will make the future of money and the internet more open and fair. And it doesn't have to be confusing. The current crypto scenario requires lots of technical knowledge to configure and use. And we like to simplify things so that everyone can get involved in the crypto market. 


Hola Coins - designed to be simple!

Hola Coins is designed for people and for everyday use. So it's fun and easy to learn and use Hola Coins. We strive to make a digital payment ecosystem that is effortless, convenient, and secured by blockchain technology. The Hola network provides world-class features to ensure our members are able to send and receive digital payments quickly, safely, and securely.


Less risk, more return!

Investing in crypto is risky because it is too volatile. But not anymore, with Hola Coins, you can reduce the risk associated with crypto investing. You can earn unbeatable rewards every time you use Hola Coins. This means you can earn free Hola Coins every day for every action, so the risk is minimal here and the earning potential is high.


Crypto simplified!

Buy or sell
Our built-in P2P service allows members to buy and sell Hola Coins instantly with other buyers and sellers without leaving the app. Making it more easier and convenient.

Send or receive

No more confusing and long wallet address.
Yes, send or receive Hola Coins as easily as a message to anyone, anywhere. Send anyone in the world with just their Hola Coins Wallet username. 


Slow transaction times and big fees might now be a problem for many cryptocurrencies. You can send Hola Coins to Hola members for free. No minimum balances, no hidden fees. 


No seed phrase, no sweat. Having to remember a 64 character seed phrase or writing it down on a piece of paper at risk of losing all of your money is a huge barrier. With Hola Coins, you can easily recover your password, MPIN, or username. So you don't lose your funds in case you forget something.


Most rewarding!

With Hola Coins, you get rewarded for every action. 

-Signup and get 1 free HAC
-Refer friends and earn together
-Participate in the Airdrops and earn free Hola Coins
- Stake Hola Coins and get rewarded daily
- Send or receive Hola Coins and won Coinback


Put your wallet to work. Stake Hola Coins easily

Earn crypto on your holdings with a tap of a button. Staking crypto has never been so simple.


More security

  • Proprietary data encryption technology

  • Receive instant notifications

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Round-the-clock security team online


Mass adoption

While digital currencies are on the rise, still many are left behind for many reasons such as Investment risk, Complexity, Safety, Cost, Reliability, etc... We are here to fix it. We are here to bring crypto to everyone.



Hola Coins is proud to be 100% open-source and community-driven.


Dedicated support

No “tech speak” or confusing steps. Our support team is here to help out no matter what.

HOLA ICON 256 X 256.png

Hola Coins isn’t just an app or a cryptocurrency

 It’s a mission to help everyone in the world to take advantage of blockchain and cryptocurrency by simplifying many things. We are on the development of the next-gen global payment ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Many features are still in the development or beta stage. Many more features will be added soon.


We understand you, that's why we made Hola Coins for you!

Join the fastest growing crypto community and help us to build the next-gen global payment ecosystem, which will break down the barriers and open new doors.

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Join the Hola Coins Community! 
We are more than a cryptocurrency. We are a community! Join the discussion on Telegram and stay up to date with announcements.

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